The future of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) is here:

Established in 2014, SkyTherapist is one of the first innovators in the US to offer behavioral health services on a secured, intuitive video-based platform.

Leveraging our experience providing digital services, SkyTherapist offers core Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services using a highly engaging experience in our delivery of service.

We have assembled a team of highly seasoned professionals bringing decades of EAP experience serving the needs of employers and their work forces in various industry sectors.

In building our EAP solution, we have designed the industry’s most engaging, intuitive and easy to use platform to offer your employees choice in how and where they want to receive the comprehensive services we offer.

In our partnership with employer organizations, we offer your employees (includes their household members):

  • 24/7 access to licensed professionals for “in the moment” support
  • National network of licensed behavioral health professionals serving all urban and rural areas of the US
  • Engaging assessment using patented algorithms for network provider matching
  • Online scheduling availability offering appointments in as soon as 2 days
  • Choice of video, text-based, telephone or in-person service experiences
  • Evidence based treatment
  • Expert consultation for adult/elder and childcare needs
  • Legal and financial consultation
  • Vast digital library of Wellness content on topics such as “Work Life Balance” and “Managing Stress/Building Resiliency”
  • HIPAA Secured Platform

In our partnership with employers, we offer your company:

  • Various EAP session models
  • Unlimited Human Resources (HR)/Management Consultations
  • Crisis response
  • Dynamic expert trainers on various topics for leadership and employees
  • Appealing promotional materials for employee engagement
  • Utilization and trend analysis reports
  • Highly customized plans
  • Benefit integration with other services you offer


To learn more about SkyTherapist and how we can be your Company’s EAP partner of the future in delivering a contemporary high-quality service, contact us at:

                                    or call: 888-4SKYEAP



SkyTherapist is driven by results. We have developed an extraordinary method of treatment to return employees to their optimal level of productivity.

  • Our digital innovators have developed a one-touch journey to wellness.
  • We focus on what is relative to a changing environment, adjusting our methods of delivery to meet the needs of your employees. Our platform provides the flexibility needed to customize your Employee Assistance Program.
  • Let us help your employees with our highly engaging and intuitive, easy to use, secured platform.
  • We mitigate corporate risk and help your employees thrive. The faster you get help for employees who need it, the better the outcome.
  • SkyTherapist will provide unlimited Management Consultations to support your managers, when dealing with difficult employee problems.

Your SkyTherapist online access can be branded to your platform and will provide work/life options. Employees will see a “Live Chat” function that will allow them to receive “in the moment” support from one of our licensed EAP professionals.


We have extensive experience serving remote areas and connecting employees with care quickly and efficiently throughout the United States, using our patented algorithms, for a good fit when they start our program.


The SkyTherapist platform is extremely flexible and has been in operation since 2014. It is designed to handle complex crisis situations. Our success is built on providing treatment options to suit your workforce and unique work environment. SkyTherapist has extensive experience serving all 50 states by providing hassle free matches with the right counselor the first time around.

We provide:

  • 24/7 coverage
  • Professional help in remote areas
  • Dependable connections
  • Clinical matches for employees using highly developed patented algorithms
  • 24/7 support for managers
  • Coaching for employees hesitant to connect with a professional counselor


The EAP we offer includes support from our expert caregiving consultants on child and adult care issues employees may be experiencing. We also offer legal and financial consultation services. The flexibility and responsiveness of our platform makes it easy for your employees to get the help they need.

We offer additional Wellness services that can be integrated with our EAP programs, including:


  1. An employee engagement app that lets the employer contribute to the health of their employees by leveraging cash incentives, smart technology and wellness data to inform, encourage and drive healthy behaviors for its workforce.
  2. Two-Year Aftercare Program: RECOVIUS
    A chatbot to help employees with substance abuse challenges. The chatbot is part of a two-year aftercare program (post rehabilitation treatment) to help employees stay clean and sober and supports families, too.


As an employer, you will have a one-stop link to us. You will have the option of speaking directly to your Account Manager for consultation using your phone, tablet or computer.

Your employees will have the same option. They will be able to reach help 24/7 with just a click on our platform or by calling our toll free line. Our licensed team of EAP professionals is there to support your employees at any time.


SkyTherapist’s platform designers and program developers have worked in the EAP field for decades. Our employees have committed their careers to workplace wellness, safety and crisis management. With their expertise, we have designed the EAP of the future to meet all of your organization’s needs.

As we work together for the well-being of your employees, you will have direct access to your Account/Success Manager, along with unlimited Managerial Consultations. This promotes early problem identification to help your organization manage risk.

SkyTherapist will provide outcomes data by using tools to track the success experienced by employees using our program. All data is protected by our strict adherence to HIPAA regulations. We look forward to working together and helping you get the results you are looking for from an EAP.


SkyTherapist will provide your Human Resource (HR) and management teams with unlimited expert consultations from our highly skilled EAP Counselors. This means that anyone in your organization, acting in a position of leadership, will have an EAP professional ready to assist them when dealing with a challenging workplace situation.